LoftPAC Meeting Minutes: 10/6/14


For those of you who could not attend the meeting, here are the minutes, a.k.a things we talked about, from the meeting!:

  1. Butter Braids: Fundraising opportunity. Funds earned from fundraising will be put into your personal account and you can use your funds for theatre trips, Loft Stage apparel, and other various theatre aspects. For a form to sell Butter Braids, see Ms. Hestwood. DUE DATE FOR FORMS: 10/27/14.
  2. New York City: There was a meeting on 10/6/14 @ 7:00 for all people attending the New York City trip over MEA. If you could not attend the meeting, see Ms. Hestwood for more information.
  3. Minnesota Thespians: A theatre organization that the Loft Stage is involved in. Minnesota Thespians connects high school thespians from all over Minnesota who all share a love for theatre. Every year there is a two-day festival and you can participate in workshops, compete in NIES and Tech Challenge, and see shows put on by other Minnesota Schools. This year we, East Ridge, are hosting the first day of the festival! The second day will be at The Guthrie. For more information about thespians, contact Abby Winston,
  4. NIES for MN Thespians: National Individual Events Showcase. This is an aspect of the MN Thespian Festival. The performance Individual Events include: Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting, Solo Musical Theatre, Duet Musical Theatre, and Group Musical Theatre. The technical Individual Events include: Costume Construction, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Short Film, Sound Design, Stage Management, and Theatre Marketing. For all rules and regulations, visit If you have any questions, contact Maggie Eckberg,, or see Ms. Hestwood.
  5. Other School Shows: As part of our social and community outreach, the LoftPAC attends other schools shows. This would not be a formal field trip, but the LoftPAC officers and Ms. Hestwood will organize it. When a show rolls around, we will take a poll to see who is interested and then contact you with more information. We make it a special priority to attend our sister school’s, Woodbury and Park, shows. For more information, contact Brenna Masgai,

If you have any questions about what we talked about at the meeting, contact Maggie Eckberg, Thank you!