Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This was a truly exceptional round of auditions making our decisions very difficult. For those of you who are not on this list, PLEASE continue to work on your singing, acting and dancing and join us next year. Our winter show, Almost, Maine and our spring show The Crucible will also have large casts and we invite you to come out for those shows as well. Finally, please consider participating in our crew for Into the Woods. Our crew meeting is Thursday, September 11 at 3:15pm in the choir room. Please come and learn how you can be a part of what promises to be an outstanding production. Students in the cast should plan to meet on Thursday, September 11th at 3:15pm.

The Baker Brendan Finn
The Witch Maggie Eckberg
Cinderella Anna Reimann
Jack Quintin Walker
Rapunzel Christina Ippoliti
Cinderella’s Prince Garrett Hildebrandt
Rapunzel’s Prince Mark May
Jack’s Mom Erin Foy
Baker’s Wife Abby Winston
Little Red Riding Hood Samantha Wynn
Narrator Brenna Masgai
Florinda Caroline Kieffer
Lucinda Tegan Jones
Cinderella’s Mom Elizabeth Neuenfeldt
Stepmother Clara Grismer
Mysterious Man Carl Erikstrup
Milky White Maddie Berg
Granny Kaylee Cates
The Giant Lydia Nelson
Wolf #1 Jeric Basillio
Wolf #2 Tony May
Steward Thomas Sullivan
Cinderella’s Dad Sam Joson
Additional Fairytale Characters Adam Behnken
Jamie Humphries
Michael Miller
Cali Yee
Cristian Moreno
Asia Franklin
Elise Hallstrom
Ian Loretz
Halston Greenlay
Joey Engh
Hannah Murray
Carter Dulka