The Multi-talented
answers a few probing questions
(and sums herself up in a haiku!)

Q:  What was the very first theater production you remember seeing?

A:  It was in Frankfurt, Germany (I am an army brat) and my mother was involved in the base community theater.  It was Menotti’s  “Amahl and the Night Visitors.”  That was in 1965.  I went on to play a kid in the next production of “Brigadoon.”

Q:  Briefly describe the directorial highs and lows you’ve encountered helming The Glass Slipper.

A:   Most of the directing experiences have been highs for “the Glass Slipper:”  I have loved staging it using Commedia as our inspirational acting tool. Seeing the cast get comfortable with going “overboard” with their movement and characters is always rewarding.  I love working with the staff on the vision and implementation.  Lows?  Conflicts of actors.

Q:  What has it been like to take on the WHS musical?

A:   I loved every minute of doing the musical at WHS.  Knowing it may be a hard transition for the students just made it more of a challenge for me to make sure the students were comfortable without changing my ways as a director or lowering my expectations of them. They are a wonderful group of kids and I can’t wait to work with them again!

Q:  If you could cast yourself in any show on any stage, what role would you play, and where would you play it?

A:  So many roles, so little time left!  Some I’d like to play:  Mama Rose in “Gypsy,”  Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard,” Joann in “Company,”  Countess Charlotte Malcolm in “A Little NIght Music” ( I have played the last two but would do it again in a heartbeat), and Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly.”  I would love to work at the Bloomington Civic Theater again.  Love working at Theater in the Round, too.  And of course the Loftstage!!

Q:   In modern or traditional Haiku, please answer the following question:  Who is Marcie Berglund?


Playing’s the thing
Create love

Q:  What’s your motto?

A:  “Life is a banquet.. and most people are starving to death.”

Q:  Multiple Choice: Choose one of the following to play you in a movie:

  A. Meryl Streep

B. Miley Cyrus

C. She-Ra, Princess of Power

D. LOL cat

 E. This kid

A:  This kid.. cause I am really very immature for my age and the kid looks like she could be funny.

Thank you, Marcie!