A message from your LoftPAC co-presidents Alex Berger and Katherine Spicuzza:

For everyone:

Welcome back returning and prospective thespians!  We kicked off the school year with a fabulous party, and now we’re on our way to Aida auditions!  The first LoftPAC meeting is set for September 6th in the choir room, right after school, when we’ll be kicking off the new year in theatre with root beer floats.  We officers cannot stress enough how important it is to get to the LoftPAC meetings to keep up to date—we’ve even moved them to an after-school time slot to make it easier for you to attend!  These meetings won’t take much of your time, and they’re always jam-packed with important information about auditions, fundraisers, and opportunities to be involved and go to awesome events as a group.  Remember, too, that it’s just as important to put in time offstage as it is onstage, so as Aida production gets going, make sure you stop by the shop to help out for a few hours.  Every little bit helps!  We can’t wait to have a root beer float with you all at the September 6 meeting.  Which reminds us:  Never pass up an opportunity to eat ice cream.  #TheatreRulesToLiveBy.

For those new to ERHS theatre (or anyone who wants a refresher):

Maybe you aren’t so keen on being on stage, or you don’t make the cast list, but we are equally in need of people behind the scenes in lighting, sound, hair/makeup, costuming, and scene shop/construction.  In lighting and sound, you work with state of the art technology to take the production (in this case, our musical) to the next level.  With hair, makeup, and costuming, you will help the leads create their characters’ appearance and make the costumes cast members will wear onstage.  Scene shop and construction can be as simple as painting sets or sweeping up sawdust, or as complicated as using power tools and lumber to build a giant pyramid from scratch. Every single job in theatre is important.  Every participant is valued and included in parties and traditions.  We LOVE our techies!

We know some of you are a little nervous about auditions.  Fortunately, everything you need to know, from song cuttings to script sections to registration information, is on www.theloftstage.org.  Youtube has the entire Aida soundtrack; maybe you’d like to hear “Gods Love Nubia” (the audition song) to get in the swing of things.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done a musical—lots of upperclassman participated in theatre for the very first time as freshman at ERHS.  We’ll help you through every step and tell you exactly what you need to do.  If you have any questions, PLEASE show up to our September 6th LoftPAC meeting to get them answered.  And if you still have questions, speak to any of your LoftPAC representatives; we’re always happy to help.  Finally, we encourage everyone—experienced and inexperienced alike—to sign up and audition.  Just make sure you complete the audition sheet and conflict calendar BEFORE your audition.  Auditions can be intense, but they are also a blast and a great way to make new friends.  And, hey, it never hurts to try.