August 2013 Newsletter Feature: Meet Elizabeth Gullick


Elizabeth Gullick, Vocal Music Director

I love musicals, so I’m very excited to get to be part of one at East Ridge! I am passionate about making sure young singers continue to advance their vocal technique in a healthy way.  I expect students to work hard, and come ready to learn. I also think singing is the most fun thing in the world. 🙂

Two Truths and a Lie:

a) I have lived in 6 states: Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Washington.

b) While on a choir tour in high school, I climbed a mountain in British Columbia with well-known Canadian composer Stephen Hatfield.

c) My first role in a theatrical production was in 6th grade.  I played a penguin, and everything I said started with the letter “P”.

(a is the lie—I have never lived in Wisconsin.)