A message from LoftPAC President, Pari Cariaga:

It simply amazes me how fast this year went.  Surely “White Christmas” happened only yesterday and “The Big Meal” a few hours ago.  I am so very proud of the accomplishments that the Loft Stage has made this year, and over the course of four years.  I remember sitting in the theater on one of the first tours. Dust still coated the seats.  Fancy light and sound systems were not installed.  But the anticipation of creating magic on stage was present.  I can vividly remember opening night of “Seussical.”  I don’t think any of us knew that that show was going to be a memorable kick off to a theater experience that we were never going to forget.  My senior class was there to witness all of the highs (and a few lows) in the creation and formation of the Loft Stage.  We count ourselves lucky to have been able to have this unique experience of setting the traditions that will mark many pre-show routines in the years to come.  So freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, don’t forget to Aroostisha and pass the kiss, and be sure to keep it classy on Sunday and always go bananas at intermission.  As the class of 2013 passes on the torch, we ask everyone to not forget the meaning of tradition and what it truly means to be an actor or techie or musician on the Loft Stage.