Feeling the midwinter blues? Missing the musical or one-act? Counting down the days till the spring play? Well don’t worry, I have a few solutions on how you can fill up your current theater-deprived life!

Step 1: Become a member of the Guthrie’s 30 Below program! If you are at least 16 or under 30 (sorry parents, this is kids only) you can sign up to buy your rush tickets any time of day. So instead of getting to the theater two hours ahead of show time to wait in line, all you have to do is call the box office to purchase your seat for that night. The only catch, you have to sign up in person at the theater.  Fortunately, you can buy your tickets through 30 Below the day you register, and then go grab some pad thai before you see your show.  To learn more information about this amazing program, go to:


Step 2: Are you signed up for the Thespian Festival at the Guthrie on February 18th? If not, it’s not too late! Go to http://www.mnthespians.org/ then “Conference Registration” and then “Register Individual Students—Conference Student Registration Form” located towards the bottom of the page. If you want to participate in a NIES event (perform a monologue, song, mime—pretty much a “you name it, they got it”—in front of judges) it might not be too late to sign up although spots are limited. If you have any questions about the Thespian festival, ask any of the LoftPAC officers. If you have any questions about NIES, ask me, Matt, or Katherine as we all did it last year and enjoyed it immensely (we got to perform our solos on the Wurtele Thrust Stage at the Guthrie. No big deal.) Also extra special this year, we will be performing our One-Act, “The Big Meal,” on Day One of the Festival, February 17th at Chanhassen High School. We would love some LoftPAC support!

Step 3: Keep checking the Loft Stage website and the bulletin board located outside the choir room for new information about upcoming events! Things are constantly popping up, even after our monthly meetings.

If these don’t help and your PSD (post-show depression) continues, please see a LoftPAC officer (or a doctor) immediately.