Medea Cast List

Dec 3rd


Author By Leah

THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned! You should all be proud of the courage and talent you brought to auditions this week. If you have any questions about your audition feel free to email Leah.

If you were not cast please do not be discouraged. Please keep auditioning, you are all MEGA talented. If you are interested in doing tech for this show, we will be having a tech meeting this Thursday(December 5th) in the choir room.

If you have been cast, congratulations. Our first rehearsal is tomorrow after school in the black box. Please bring the full script either printed or on a tablet (not your phone). Our parent meeting will be on December 7th in the black box.


Thank you again- Leah and Jeric


Medea Cast List

Medea – Meghan Horan

Nurse- Elizabeth Avery

Chorus 1- Olivia Voerster

Chorus 2- Ava Hattenberger

Chorus 3- Alexa Grace LaFontaine-Larson

Creon/Guard- Victoria Pommalath

Jason- Erik Haering

Messenger/ Guard- Emma Lily

Attendent/ Guard- Baylee Stevenson

Aegues/Guard- Anya Lu