• Aug 28th


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    Floats and floats

    Photos from the 9th-grader welcome and Woodbury Days events.

  • Aug 19th


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    Floats and a Float

    Join us at the Loft Stage this Saturday and Sunday for two important kick off events!

    Saturday, August 23rd- Build our Float- join in on the final day of building our Woodbury Days float and then plan to meet incoming 9th graders at our Root Beer Float welcome at 3:00pm!

    Sunday, August 24th- Meet at the Scene Shop at 11:00am to join us in walking during the Woodbury Days Parade. Wear your LoftStage gear and appropriate clothes for the weather or bring $15.00 for a fall musical t-shirt! Enjoy this great opportunity to spend time together before school kicks off.

    Don’t forget that summer construction is already underway! Join Jimmy, George, Maggie and Jessica in the shops on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am-3:00pm.

  • Aug 15th


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    Into the Woods Student Information


    Those who are going to participate in the fall musical need to complete their registration by Friday, September 19th. We encourage everyone to fill out their registration early.
    Fall Musical Registration (cast, crew and orchestra)


    Audition Information

    Students should complete the following steps before auditions:

    1. Fill out the audition form and conflict calendar (with parent signature) BEFORE auditions.
    2. Sign up on the Loft door for a vocal/acting audition during one of the following times:
      • Thursday, September 4 at 3:15 pm
      • Friday, September 5 at 3:15 pm
    3. Students can prepare a vocal audition piece of their choosing or sing a song from the show that the vocal director will select and teach to the whole group. Audition pieces should have an MP3 or CD accompaniment as there will be no accompanist present for auditions and should consist of at least 32 bars. Students can sing anything from their repertoire but are encouraged to sing something in the style of Into the Woods. A pop song is not recommended. Students are encouraged to sing the staff-selected piece if they have not prepared a song in advance (don’t throw it together last minute).
    4. Audition cuttings, including the vocal piece can be found below!


    Technical Information

    Students interested in participating on the tech crew for Into the Woods should complete the technical information form, which can be downloaded below. This form should be brought with you to the tech meeting on Thursday, September 11th after school in the choir room. If you are unable to make the tech meeting, please email the form to Jimmy at


    Pit Orchestra Information

    Students interested in participating in the pit orchestra for Into the Woods should complete the pit orchestra information form, which can be downloaded below. After reviewing the schedule and confirming your availability for all rehearsals and performances, please return the pit orchestra information form to the ERHS Band Office on or before the first audition day on September 3rd.


    Purchase a T-Shirt

    A limited number of t-shirts have been purchased and will be available for sale to those who are walking in the Woodbury Days and Homecoming parades. Online t-shirt orders are due before September 19th and will be available for pickup a couple weeks later. Please do not order a t-shirt online if you are planning to purchase one before one of the parades.
    Purchase an Into the Woods T-Shirt Online


    Order a Make-Up Kit

    Make-Up kits are available for purchase for those that don’t already have one. All cast members should have their own make-up kit matched to their skin tone. If you don’t know what kit color you need, please see Ms. Verschaetse for assistance.
    Order a Make-Up Kit


    Download Files

    Audition Poster
    Audition Application Form
    Into the Woods Scene Cuttings
    Into the Woods Vocal Cuttings
    Baker Call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Bakers Wife Call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Cinderella Call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Jack Call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Little Red Call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Prince call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Witch call-back Vocal Cuttings
    Technical Information Form
    Pit Orchestra Information Form

  • Jul 10th


    Author By Maggie

    Kickoff to Summer Set Construction for Into The Woods!

    Summer is still going strong, but it is not too early to start set construction for Into The Woods!

    Summer set kicks off on August 2nd at 9 A.M.-4 P.M. with a kickoff barbeque at 12!

    Bring yourself and your family for some hard work, good food, and of course, fun!

    A SignUp Genius will be sent out soon for what food to bring! I hope you can make it!

  • Jun 27th


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    Guthrie Shakespeare Camp Auditions

    Tuesday, July 1st from 4pm-6pm,
    Saturday, July 5th from 4pm-6pm
    AND Sunday, July 6th from 3pm-6pm.

    A 10-day workshop featuring basic acting workshops, movement workshops, and Shakespeare Master Classes. Admission is by audition and interview.

    The workshop is designed for High School Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (Fall 2014). The workshop will focus on understanding, speaking, and acting Shakespeare, along with basic tenets of acting.

    The Guthrie is seeking talented students with acting experience who are ready for ten days of high-level training. Sessions will run from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Monday – Saturday. There will be no class on Sunday. There is a fee of $300 total for the workshop. However, students should not be dissuaded from auditioning because of the fee; we will make every effort to assist worthy actors with necessary scholarships! Lodging and meals are not provided. This project is an excellent transition opportunity for high school students interested in forging a path to professional-level theater training programs.

    For more information, please contact Amanda Davis, Company Development Assistant at the Guthrie, by emailing or by calling 612.225.6183.

  • May 30th


    Author By Cindy

    Reflections from the 2013-2014 LoftPAC Co-Presidents

    Year-End Q & A with Alex Berger (AB) and Katherine Spicuzza (KS)

    Q  As student leaders of the Loft Stage, what have been your high points and low points this year?

    AB–My personal high points definitely came in how much I grew as a stage manager/student director.  I discovered that it’s definitely one of my favorite passions and can’t wait to continue in the future.  The lows?  Not always reaching out and connecting with everyone instead of just the people I already knew.

    KS–High point of the year was definitely Aida.  I felt like everyone did a really incredible job of bonding with castmates and keeping a positive morale throughout the show—not to mention that everyone worked their butts off on stage and off to make the production the best it could be.  Definitely the highlight of my theater career, and I think it was really good for the theater program.  Low point(s) of the year: Twitter drama.  It was really disappointing to see people keep tweeting and sub-tweeting negative comments after we had big group conversations about what constituted appropriate behavior online and in person.  If you have a problem, resolve it face to face, or talk to an adult who can help you sort out the situation.

    Q  You’ve both been deeply involved in theater for the past four years.  What is your absolutely favorite memory?

    AB–My absolutely favorite memory on the Loft Stage is easily the opening night of Aida.  Everyone had worked so hard to make the show come together and it was an absolute joy to watch all of that effort pay off that night.

    KS–Favorite memory would have to be getting three Outstandings from the Spotlight judges for my performance as Martha Watson in White Christmas.  After a very tumultuous time, I was awarded for my hard work and dedication.  I needed that.

    Q:  From your student perspectives, what is the Loft Stage’s greatest strength?  How about its greatest weakness?

    AB–The Loft Stage’s biggest strength is how many opportunities are made available to students.  There is a state-of-the-art space with a wonderful staff and phenomenal resources at your disposal.  Ironically, I think that the biggest weakness lies in how great the Loft Stage is.  The size of the space and the quality of the shows can be intimidating to some.  It truly is an absolutely wonderful program, however.

    KS–I think our greatest strength is the selecting and casting of shows.  These directors really pick shows that highlight the talent we have, and we do a really good job performing the shows, too.  I think our greatest weakness is the negativity that can surround the audition process.  Spreading bad mojo around casting makes it harder to enjoy the successes of those who got parts.  Once the casting list is out, students should take three to six hours to suck it up, and then focus on making the show the best one possible.

    Q  As drama student representatives and theater insiders, presumably you have your respective fingers on the pulse of the LoftPAC.  What is your opinion of the overall theater student experience—morale, satisfaction, motivation, sense of belonging, etc.?

    AB–After this year, I feel that everyone was very proud and content.  The program put on four wonderful performances this school year and people made many new friends and memories along the way.  The thing that excites me the most is seeing returning students already excited and passionate about next year.  I know this program still has nowhere to go but up.

    KS–I would say that belonging is something the upperclassmen were good at this year: being inclusive of the newer and younger kids.  I think most of the kids felt like they could fit in somewhere, and several leaders tried hard to say hi to everyone and check in every once in a while across the many different areas of theater.  But morale can change fast—it’s high when we can be civil, but it’s brought down with negativity.  I think motivation is what we do best—lots of students are out to get a role, and they bring the competition.  We just need to learn how to be civil while being competitive.  You don’t need to put anyone down, just do your best and know that others are doing their best too.  Remember, these directors know how to cast a show well, so leave it up to them.  In the end, even though we have our rough times, overall student satisfaction is pretty good.  Theater kids stick together.

    Q  Who would you want to play you in a movie?

    AB–This is going to sound weird, but Kevin Costner.  The only reason being that he usually stars in sports related films, and those who know me know I’m a sports fanatic.  However, if I’m not in a sports movie, he’s out the window.  Maybe Channing Tatum?  I can see the resemblance…

    KS–Maureen O’Hara—another fiery spirited ginger.  And she’s gorgeous.

    Q  What words of wisdom do you have for next year’s returning Loft theater students?

    AB–Always work hard and stay committed.  The shows put on by the Loft Stage are possible only through your efforts.  Embrace the Loft Stage; it offers so many wonderful opportunities to all of you.  Be respectful to your peers and directors—I know this is theater, but leave the drama at the door.  Finally, HAVE FUN!!  I can’t wait to see how this program continues to blossom in the years to come.  Keep shining, Lofties!

    KS–Strive to include everyone and keep the positive vibes flowing through LoftPac.  Theater kids are some of the best leaders in the school, so step up.  Being a leader can be hard, but you have to stay above the peer pressure.  Be nice.  Nothing bad ever came of being nice.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing.  And seek to solve problems in person—not online.

     Thanks, Alex and Katherine, for your service to the Loft Stage.  Congrats, good luck, and stay in touch!

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